• Dr. L. Pommier

Self-care is the best care

Self-care is defined as taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, well-balanced, and able to successfully perform in every area of your life.

Self-care is a significant segment of an instructor's emotional, mental, and physical wellness, however there are misinterpretations about what it is. It is entirely expected for teachers to pardon self-development as "narrow minded" or "shallow." But for educators, self-care is far beyond breakfast in bed or getting yourself a spa day. It is tied in with dealing with your wellbeing so that you're ready to be the best instructor you can be for yourself and your students.

Preferably, a sound self-care system ought to incorporate an action that tends to every one of these components consistently. That way, you can ensure that each component of your general wellbeing and prosperity is dealt with. Self-care exercises can be little to enormous scope propensities, with models going from getting a solid lunch to waking up early, on a consistent basis, to do a care reflection before work.

Some may wrongly mistake self-care for arrogance. Know that you should be unapologetic in the act of genuine self-love because putting yourself first and being proud of your accomplishments contributes to you being the extraordinary individual that you are. Although it is highly opinionated that egocentric people will probably not work on their wellbeing, everybody deserves self-care as a part of the requirements that one needs to flourish.

"I'm listening because you matter."

-Dr. P

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